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Welcome to Blast Control Systems

At Blast Control Systems, we manufacture fabric products designed to catch and contain projectiles and shrapnel dispersed from explosions, blasts, or equipment failure. We utilize Auxetic Materials in all of our products for its auxetic properties. We offer revolutionary safety solutions to anyone interested in personnel and asset protection. Blast and Safety Curtains are excellent for testing and protection applications in virtually every industry. The list of applications for Military, Law Enforcement, Counter-Terrorism, and Homeland Security is very extensive.

Oil & Gas Safety Curtains

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  • Projectile Perforation/Ballistic Limit Test
  • Curtains Tested to Failure
  • Testing was Conducted by an Independent Third Party, Baker Engineering & Risk Consultants in San Antonio, Texas
  • Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants, INC.
  • BakerRisk.com