Breakthrough in Blast-Mitigation Science

Xtegra™ is based on revolutionary auxetic technology, which enables a fabric to automatically adjust its strength and thickness in response to external forces such as explosions.

Truly Superior Stopping Power

The ability to automatically adjust to external forces enables XtegraTM to stop shattered glass, metal shrapnel and other debris from an explosion, remaining intact through multiple events.

Xtegra™ Survives 8 Grenade Blasts

Testing by the UK's Ministry of Defense confirmed that XtegraTM can withstand 8 sequential grenade detonations at a distance of 1 meter, remaining completely intact and blast-resistant.

Xtegra Technology


How Xtegra™ Works

Stretch a bungee cord and it gets thinner. But wrap a string around it and stretch‚ and it gets effectively wider. Weaving these wrapped cords into bundles creates an Auxetix Structure that thickens when subjected to explosive forces.



Auxetic Fabric Design Principle

The performance of Xtegra™ in ballistic curtain and tent applications is directionally dependent, meaning that the length of the curtain or height of the tent is equivalent to the width of a roll of Xtegra™ fabric.
See measuring guide.

  • The HAY is a fiber structure comprised of two components,
  • HAY fiber structure: One fiber is helically wrapped around a core fiber
  • Under tension, the wrap tends to straighten causing the core to displace laterally in a helical manner



HAY fiber structure unloaded.


HAY fiber structure under tension.

If the wrap fiber is of a lower diameter than the core this behavior can result in a net increase in the effective diameter of the composite
Yarn - a negative Poisson’s ratio.


Testing Results

Successful blast tests have been conducted by the UK Ministry of Defense. Additional blast and ballistic tests are under way on a variety of fronts. Results and test photos and videos will be posted on this Web site as they become available.


Performance Comparisons

Xtegra™ is the only blast-mitigation fabric on the market that stops shattered glass and metal shrapnel and other flying debris from an explosion.


Award-Winning Technology

Xtegra™ won awards in the Global Security Challenge European Semi-finals (2007 & 2009), has been cited for Business Excellence and Innovation by the Performance Textiles Association, and received TechTextile's 2007 Innovation Prize.

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